Prof. Dr. Jahirul Islam Khandaker
Prof. Dr. Jahirul Islam Khandaker Professor, Department of Physics



Academic Record:

PhD in Material Engineering (Nano- & Functional Materials Synthesis and Charaterization)(GSST, Kumamoto, JAPAN)

MS in Nanotechnology (Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala, SWEDEN)

MPhil in X-ray Diffraction (Jahangirnagar University)

MSc (Physics) First Class First (in the order of Merit), (Jahangirnagar University)

BSc (Honor's in Physics) First Class First (in the order of Merit), (Jahangirnagar University)


Professor (2018-Present)

Associate Professor (2012-2018)

Assistant Professor (2008-2012)

Lecturer (2006-2008)

Department of Physics

Jahangirnagar University

Savar, Dhaka-1342,Bangladesh


Lecturer (2004-2006)

Department of Physics

Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) 

Gazipur-1700, Bangladesh


Other Activites:

Provost, Pritilata Hall, Jahangirnagar University (2023-Present)

Joint-Secretary, Bangladesh Physical Society (BPS), Executive Committee (2020-Present)

Elected Member, Jahangirnagar University Teachers' Associatiob (JUTA)-2024

Treasurer, Jahangirnagar University Physics Alumni Association (JUPAA) 2023-Present

Warden, Pritilata Hall, Jahangirnagar University (2019-2023)

Student's Advisor, Department of Physics, JU (2017-2018

Seminar in Charge, Department of Physics, JU (2017-2018)

House Tutor, BBSMR Hall, JU (2016-2019)

House Tutor, Al-Beruni Hall, Jahangirnagar University (2006-2011)

Sports Teacher, Department of Physics, JU (2006-2009)

Cultural Secretary (Teacher's Association, Execute Committee-2005/06), DUET

President, Netrokona District Student Welfare Association (2001-2004)




Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


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Course Code Course Title Semester/Year
PH 103 Electricity and Magnetism 1st Year
PH 407 Reactor Physics 4th Year
PH 506 Nano-Physics and Nano-Electronics MS


Prof. Dr. Jahirul Islam Khandaker

Department of Physics
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