Admission Test Result

Note: Applicants not listed in this table will not be allowed for the next phases of admission process.




C-1  to   C-9  units : (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

C1-unit Department: International Relations


C2-unit Department: English


C3-unit Department: History


C4-unit Department: Philosophy


C5-unit Department: Drama and Dramatics

Candidates Selected for Viva-Voce


C6-unit Department: Archaeology


C7-unit Department: Bangla


C8-unit Department: Journalism & Media Studies


C9-unit Department: Fine Art

Candidates Selected for Viva-Voce


G-unit: (Institute of Business Administration, IBA-JU)


E-unit: (Faculty of Business Studies)


D-unit: (Faculty of Biological Sciences)


F-unit: (Faculty of LAW)



H-unit: (Institute of Information Technology)


B-unit: (Faculty of Social   Sciences)


A-unit: (Faculty of Mathematical and Physical   Sciences)