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Department of Law & Justice

At the Department of Law and Justice (established in August 2011) in Jahangirnagar University, we believe that law is an effective tool for any social change; hence, quality legal education with a critical approach to conventional wisdom is the key to engendering a progressive society. As the Department values ‘justice’ in its substantive sense as an indispensable core ideal, we have a strong commitment towards a critical and interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, in addition to our focus on knowing what the law is, we put equal focus on knowing why the law is the way it is. Exploring the power dynamics of the state concerning common people has been a fundamental question of our constant inquiry.

Needless to say, that we take legal education seriously because we understand that we are training future protagonists of social change – lawyers, judges, educators, policymakers, and activists. This is a place where not only the...