Library Card Info

There are many formalities to receive and leave the membership in the beginning and ending of studentship. The process is given below:

  • There are 2 identification cards. One is for using and reading in the library and another one is for taking the book in hall. Inside the library “Library Card” is used. That is provided by hall which is green. Another one is called “Hall Card” provided by library which is red. The process of having a “Hall Card” needs to sign an agreement which narrated that for any lose of the book using it in hall, the book holder will be charged. The payment must be through the bank.
  • Any kind of harm or lose of cards will be fine 50/- each. This payment also will be through the bank.
  • The Library authority needs 3 pp size photos (1is of Library Card and 2 are for Hall Card).
  •  When the studentship is over the authority needs to take the application to cancel the membership.