Medical Center

Medical Center

Jahangirnagar University has its own Medical Centre for the students, the teachers and the staffs. The centre provides twenty-four hour service. It is supervised by the Chief Medical Officer with a staff of qualified doctors. The centre bears all expenses related to treatment in case of students. But it provides only health-related advice in case of the teachers and the staff.

Jahangirnagar University maintains a medical center established in the middle of 1972. It was in a room of hall Al-Beruni. After that it was moved to the present place (beside the Fazilatunnesa Hall and behind the transportation office). There are 12 doctors (1 part time), 7 officers and 20 staffs to maintain the medical center and serve the students and teachers. Here the authority offers the free treatment, medicine and suggestions to the students but there is no accommodation for serious patients. At present 30 medicine companies supply their medicine to improve the service of medical center.

The future plan of the authority is to modernize the system and treatment. Also the medical center needs more space to broad it and make the service better


  List of Doctors:

Doctor /Phone Number
Dr. A.T.M. Abdul Hannan    1324 (office)/7791557 (Home)
Dr. A.B.M. Akram Ali Khan    1392 (office)/7791340 (Home)
Dr. N.M. Masudur Rahman    1225 (office)/7791737 (Home)
Dr. Mozeza Jahura    1227 (office)/01720471702 (Mobile)
Dr. Md. Shamsur Rahman    1225 (office)/01552364420 (Mobile)
Dr. Momota Mollik    1227 (office)/1535 (Mobile)
Dr. Shamsul Alam Kham    1225 (office)/01712003979 (Mobile)