Uzzwal K. Mondal
Uzzwal K. Mondal

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”
Herbert Spencer
What should be the focus of the 21st century education? Technological learning or development of soft skills like adaptability, communication, and leadership?Because technology has become deeply entrenched in our social life and information overload a burden, the challenges the media and communi ...

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Journalism and Media Studies is a vibrant and exciting academic discipline, which is seeing growing importance and expansion all over the world. In the age of information, driven by a flurry of technological innovations, only technology based education with a mix of critical and analytical thinking could prepare young people to fight today’s challenges. The vision of the department is to advance this idea and produce graduates who will eventually contribute to the development of the country.
In the fast changing media scene of Bangladesh, knowledge, technological literacy, leadership and communication skills, and innovations are the main weapons that could properly equip a student. The department has tailored its curriculum to fit the bill. It puts particular emphasis on research and innovation. In addition, there are a wide range of activities engaging students, both inside and outside the classroom, like presenting papers or shooting for audio-visual productions. Studen ... View More