Professional Masters in Information Technology

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The Professional Masters in Information Technology (PMIT) program consists of 36 credit-hours which can be completed within one academic year consisting of two semesters. Each semester will be of 26 weeks of duration. Course-end examination of the courses offered in a semester will be held at the end of each semester.

Program Objective:

This nonresidential PMIT Program aims at developing up-to-date human resource in the field of Information Technology. Through the delivery of state of art teaching and practical insights this program will ultimately endeavor to create the IT specialists who will lead our nation as well as the world.

Academic Program:

The PMIT Program requires each student to complete a minimum of 8 courses (i.e. four courses per semester) and a project work (in the second semester). Each course and project work will be 4 credit-hours. Students must be allowed to take 4 courses (i.e. 16 credit hours) from all the courses offered in a semester. It is to be noted here that all the courses may not be offered at every semester. Minimum number of students to run a course should be 10.

Degree requirements:

a)     The degree will be awarded after the successful completion of 8 courses and a project work (36 credit hours).

b)    Passing of all the courses individually by getting at least “D” grade and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5.

Admission Requirements for PMIT Program:

Eligibility of a candidate: In order to qualify as a candidate for the PMIT program, the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:

All applicants must have at least a Bachelor degree in any of the following disciplines:

a)     Computer Science and Engineering

b)    Electronics & Computer Science

c)     Electrical and Electronics Engineering

d)    Telecommunication Engineering

e)     Information & Communication Technology

f)     Software Engineering

g)    Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Geological Science (Have to complete prerequisite courses before start)

h)     Post Graduate Diploma in IT related discipline with bachelor degree

 The minimum qualifying point is seven for all applicants. The point determination is laid out in the tables below:

Table 1: SSC, HSC or Equivalents

SSC (GPA/Division) HSC (GPA/Division) O level GPA A Level GPA Qualifying Points
>=4.0/1st >=4.0/1st >=3.0 >=2.5 3
>=3.0/2nd >=3.0/2nd >=2.5 >=2.0 2
>=2.0/3rd >=2.0/3rd >=1.0 >=1.0 1

Applicants who have taken the O Level examination must have passed at least five subjects, with a minimum grade “D” in each of these subjects.

Applicants who have taken the A level examination must have passed at least two subjects, with a minimum grade of “D” in each of these subjects.

 Letter grades of O level and A level subjects are converted to grade points (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1). Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by averaging the grade points of the five best grades of O level and the two best grades of A level.

Table 2: Bachelors and Masters Program

Certificate/ Degree GPA/Class
>=3.0/1st >=2.50/2nd >=2.3rd
Bachelor Degree (Pass) 4 3 2
Bachelor Degree (Hons.) 5 4 2
Master degree/PGD 1 1 1

Table 3: Four- year Bachelor Program (4.0 point scale)

CGPA 3.0 and above 2.50 to < 3.0 2.0 to < 2.5
Points 5 4 3

 For all other certificates, equivalence will be determined by the coordination Committee of the PMIT program.

Admission test:

The admission test will comprise of a written test followed by a viva-voce examination. There is no score for viva-voice examination but candidate have to pass in the viva-voce examination. Final merit list will be based on the scores of both written and viva-voce.


4.1  For the purpose of assessment, 100 marks shall be assigned to each of the four credit hours course.

4.2  Assessment of a student in a course shall be based on marks obtained in the course end examination (written) and course work. Marks allotted for course work shall be 60% of the total marks of each course while marks allocated for the course end examination (written) shall be 40% of the total marks.

4.3  Course work: Coursework shall consist of written tests, viva-voce, quizzes, participation in class, presentation, discussion, assignments, etc.

4.4  Course-end examination: Each course-end examination to be held at the end of each semester and the duration of the course -end examinations shall be 2.5 to 3 hours for each course.

4.5  Grading system: The total numerical marks obtained by a student will be converted into letter grades. The UGC grading system will be followed to evaluate the course performance.

Table 4: Grading Structure

Conversion Point Letter Grade Grade Point
80-100 A+


75-less than 80 A


70-less than 75 A-


65- less than 70 B+


60- less than 65 B


55- less than 60 B-


50- less than 55 C+


45- less than 50 C


40- less than 45 D


below 40 F


Qualifying Marks:

If any candidate obtains less than “D” grade in the combined evaluation of course-end examination and assessment of class work or s/he remains absent in course-end examination, her/his course shall be treated as incomplete and s/he will get a chance to participate in the next available examination on that course.


6.1: Withdrawal from course: Withdrawal from a course may be allowed to a student after approval from the authority during a semester.  S/he needs to apply for a withdrawal within three weeks from the beginning of a semester. As far as course fee is concerned, if the student applies for a withdrawal within (a) 3 week s/he will get full refund. There would be no refund for withdrawal from the course after 3 weeks.

 6.2: Withdrawal from program: The academic committee may allow withdrawal on valid occasions but a student must complete the program within a period of 4 academic years from the date of initial registration. Student can get withdrawal from the program for a period no more than 2 years. Upon re-entry, the student must complete the required courses of the program remaining in force. The student can only be accommodated within the course offered for the regular students.


a)     A student at any semester who fails to appear in more than one course-end examinations for some valid reasons may, on recommendation of the director of the Institute, be allowed by the Vice-Chancellor to continue for one-more semester and repeat all the courses of that semester.

b)    If any student fails in more than one course in any semester.

c)     In any case on the above, students have to pay semester fees but he/she will not be allowed to attend in the class.

Pre-requisite Courses:

Coordination Committee of PMIT will decide the pre-requisite courses of a student based on his previous academic curriculum. After successfully completion of the prerequisite courses he/she can start the PMIT courses.

Fund Management:

8.1 Fees structure for PMIT Program:

The maximum approximate fee for PMIT Program is BDT. 1,20,000 (One Lac Twenty Thousand only) (except pre-requisite courses). A breakdown of this fee is presented in Table 5. The cost structure, nevertheless, would be adjusted time to time based on inflationary adjustment subjected to the approval of the Governing body of the institute and the Syndicate of this University.

Table 5: Sources of Fund

Item(s) Per Semester/Course (BDT) Total Cost (BDT)
Admission Fee   15,000
Seminar Library Fee    3,000
Semester Fee (15000×2)  15,000   30,000
Course Fee (2,000×36)  2,000   72,000
Total   1,20,000

Decision under Unforeseen Circumstances:

If there is any situation which has not been addressed by this ordinance, then the academic committee will resolve such situation following due process.

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