Dr. Fahmida Akhter
Dr. Fahmida Akhter Associate Professor, Department of Drama & Dramatics



Fahmida Akhter joined the Department in June 2006. She has contributed to a teaching and research profile that emphasizes the techniques and aesthetics of audio-visual productions both in live and recorded media. She holds a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Essex, UK; and a recipient of Commonwealth Scholarship for the PhD program. Her PhD research explores the ways in which memories and histories of the war are shaped by the gender dynamics of nationalism through examining war-themed films of Bangladesh.

Besides teaching, Fahmida works as a documentary film director. Most of her documentaries are produced by the Bengal Foundation, a leading art trust in Bangladesh, which also published 7 of her documentary films as DVDs. Here are a few titles of her directed and scripted documentaries: The Homecoming (2008), Garaner Gahine (2008), Nishorger Ankiye (Ode to Nature: Portrait of an Artist, 2004), Surer Swajan (2005).

Fahmida had three years' experience of working as a program producer in the Television industry of Bangladesh. She received her BA (Hons) and MA in Drama and Dramatics from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh and also acquired a second Master's degree in Digital Design from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea. Her articles covering different aspects of Bangladeshi cinema and theater arts have been published in several national and international refereed journals.


Cinema of Bangladesh, Women and War in Film, Digital Design, Documentary Film Production, Traditional Theatrical Forms and Performances in Bangladesh, History and Aesthetics of Eastern Drama, Theater Archeology and Set Design, Comparative Study Between Eastern and Western Drama, 

Journal Paper

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নব্য নৃ-গোষ্ঠী নাটকে ফিউশন: 'একটি মারমা রূপকথা’ (Fusion in Neo ethnic theatre : ‘Ekti Marma Rupkatha’)

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Flashback: A Brief History of Cinema in Bangladesh before its Formation (1896-1970)

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Academic Info

Institute: Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Period: 1991-94

BA (Hons), 2:1st, (Secured First Place in her Peer Group)

Institute: Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Period: 1994-95

MA in Drama and Dramatics, First Class First position 


Institute: Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea.
Period: 2008-09

Master's in Technology and Development (Design), GPA-3.82

Institute: University of Essex, UK
Period: 2017

PhD in Film Studies, Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies


Organization: Proshika Manobik Unnayan Kendra, Bangladesh
Position: Senior Program Organizer
Period: July, 1998?June, 1999

I Coordinated training sessions and workshops for field workers, and directed peoples’ theatre and programmes in the Area Development Centres of Proshika across Bangladesh. I also monitored and followed up the people’s cultural programmes run by the local groups in various Area Development Centres of Proshika. I assisted in networking activities or Proshika through peoples’ cultural programmes and conducted feasibility studies for the new programmes.

Organization: ETV (Ekushey Television Limited), Bangladesh
Position: Assistant Producer, Programme Department
Period: June, 1999?December, 2002

I directed and Scripted regular and special day programmes, promos and fillers. 

List of programmes which were directed by me:

1.’Kenkata', a regular lifestyle programme on fashion and shopping.

2.’Shabdo Jabdo’, a serial quiz and game show.

3.’Priotomashu’, a regular programme focused and centred on women's issues.

4.’Khelaee Khelaee Chirontonee’, a game show based on the evergreen Bangladeshi film songs, with the participation of celebrity and non-celebrity couples.

Organization: Bengal Foundation
Position: Senior Assistant Director
Period: September, 2003?May, 200

I planned, directed and scripted documentary films on visual art and culture-based topics.

The following are links and titles of a few documentary films that were directed and scripted by me, which were produced by the Bengal Foundation:

1. 'The Homecoming’ a documentary on the life and work of painter Monirul Islam.


2. 'Nishorger Ankieya' (Ode to Nature: Portrait of an Artist), a film on the life and work of painter Qayyum Chowdhury.


3. 'Shurer Shajan’, a documentary film on the life of eminent classical singer of Bangladesh, Nilufar Yasmin. 

4. 'Goroner Goheeney', a documentary film on the life and work of late sculptor Abdur Razzak. 

5. 'A French April in Dhaka’, a film on the works and the period of residency of three French artists in Dhaka in 2004. 

6. 'Shudurer Pathik’, a documentary film on the life and work of painter Rokeya Sultana. 

I also coordinated the project, entitled, 'Development of Theatre in Bangladesh' and I planned and managed events organised by the Bengal Foundation.

Organization: Channel One Entertainment Limited, Bangladesh, 
Position: Producer, Program Department
Period: November, 2005?May, 2006

I Produced, planned and scripted regular and special days programme. 

List of produced programmes:

"Akar Ekar”: a regular game and quiz show, based on Bengali language and culture.

"Alpa Shalpa Galpa”: a documentary series, focused on different stories of the people whose work did not receive much attention to the media. Different episodes of this documentary series can be viewed at Fahmida Akhter's YouTube channel at this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNL9YWjnQ9lNTqfjWLOz8Xw

"Notuner Utsobe”: A special day programme on the Bengali New Year.


Organization: Jahangirngar University
Position: Lecturer, Department of Drama and Dramatics
Period: June 2006 ? January 2010

Taught Courses : Lighting and Set Design, Dramatic Theories, Make-up and Mask Making, History of Word Drama


Dr. Fahmida Akhter

Associate Professor
Department of Drama & Dramatics
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
Email: fahmida.akhter@juniv.edu