Counselling Service

Student Counselling
The Student Counselling role played by different departmental student advisors who listen to students' concerns about academic, emotional, or social problems. It serves as a primary care unit, and as such it offers talking therapy and advice for further referrals.

Academic Risk Counselling
Under the academic risk Counselling role, the centre reaches out to students who are struggling with their academic performance. We contact students who are identified as struggling academically and work with them to identify the issues that are holding them back.

Mental Health Service  
The centre operates mental health services through an expert team which composed of two trained psychologist and one counselor. They are available to provide confidential counselling sessions to students. These sessions can address various concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, academic difficulties, and personal challenges.

Crisis Intervention
Mental health service often provides immediate support and intervention for students facing emergencies, crises, or traumatic events.

When necessary, Psychologist or Counselor can refer students to external resources such as mental health professionals, medical services, community organizations, or specialized services that are better suited to address specific needs.

Online Counselling Service
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