Adnan fahad
Adnan fahad Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”
Herbert Spencer
What should be the focus of the 21st century education? Technological learning or development of soft skills like adaptability, communication, and leadership?Because technology has become deeply entrenched in our social life and information overload a burden, the challenges the media and communication industry faces are even more complicated, particularly when it comes to what information to deliver to your audience. So which is more important—technical knowhow or the ability to convey the right information?
With that in mind, the Department of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) has designed its curriculum. The aim is: producing graduates who would be highly technologically literate,acquire the ability to see things from different perspectives like social, economic, and political, hone the skills to communicate effectively and efficiently, cultivate critical thoughts, and have the ambition to lead the future media scene. And last but not least, we want our students to have a cosmopolitan and liberal worldview because in today’s world, adapting to changing situations and an open mind to absorb new ideas (also necessary for creating ones) are priceless abilities. So our pedagogical techniques lay emphasis more on action than on knowledge.I recall here the great Confucius’s timeless saying, “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.”
JMS is an action-oriented discipline.

Adnan fahad