Dr Halima  Begum
Dr Halima Begum Professor, Department of Urban & Regional Planning

Welcome to the website of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP). The Department came into being with the vision of producing much needed trained urban and regional planners to complement and contribute to nation’s aim of sustained development. In its span of eighteen years, the department has been successful in developing a noticeable track record in creating and disseminating knowledge in the concerned sphere. The department, over the years, has established itself as one of country’s top entities of producing Urban and Regional Planners. As the Chairman of the Department of URP, I am indeed delighted to work with nineteen other talented colleagues. I do welcome you all in the Department of URP.

The department’s stress on academic quality and regimentation has long allowed it to attract a sizable portion of Bangladesh’s talented students. Departmental syllabus has kept all concerned to strive for the top position in the business. With the continuous support from the university’s highest authority, departmental colleagues, students, officials, I am confident that in the coming days we will prosper and excel in a continuous fashion.

Dr Halima Begum