MD. YOUSUF HARUN Associate Professor, Department of Finance & Banking

With my warm greetings, I welcome you all to the Department of Finance & Banking (FNB) which is one of the four departments of faculty of business studies, Jahangirnagar University.

The vision of the Department of Finance and Banking is to develop skilled human resources with specialized education and applied training in finance and banking. Since its inception in the year-end of 2009, the Department is highly committed to providing the highest quality programs of finance and banking for producing the right executives and trained manpower with strong skills, expertise to fulfill the need of the time.

Over the period of last decade, the Department has successfully achieved a considerable reputation for strong commitment and devotion to academic excellence at home and abroad. Our honorable faculty members are highly qualified, and most of them possess doctoral degrees along with a single/double master’s degree from abroad. In addition, faculty members are enthusiastically engaged in good quality research and have many research publications to their credit in top tier journals. The outstanding expertise of teaching staff, research activities and dynamic curriculum has made the Department a unique institution in and outside the country.

Thank you once again for your interest in our department, programs and above all the evergreen beautiful campus of Jahangirnagar University.


Kind regards and best wishes to you.