The Department of Botany offers one year’ Master of Science (MS) degree in Botany. The curriculum adopted by this Department has been approved first by the Academic Committee of the Department, the Committee of Courses, the Faculty of Biological Sciences, and finally passed by the Academic Council and the Syndicate of Jahangirnagar University.

Master of Science (MS) Program

Program outline: The Master of Science (MS) program in Botany is for one academic year and applied for the students who successfully passed their B.Sc. (Hons.) examination. The program consisting of 750 marks equivalent to 30 credits, is divided into two groups, viz.General Group (Group-A) and Thesis Group (Group-B). A student may choose any one of these two groups. However, the students obtaining at least B grade (3 grade points) according to CGPA system in the B.Sc. (Hons.) examination may be qualified for having choices for their thesis work.

The thesis work is distributed to a qualified student on a branch or discipline offered by the Department and as per his/her choice. The students of both General and Thesis Groups have to complete nine theory courses comprised of 500 marks equivalent to 20 credits. Among these courses, eight courses of 400 marks equivalent to 16 credits are the core courses and only one course of 100 marks equivalent to 4 credits is a special course.

The special course is allocated or offered by the Department and as per student’s choice. The students of General Group have to accomplish the practical courses of 200 marks equivalent to 8 (eight) credits. The students of Thesis Group have to submit a thesis work of 150 marks or 6 (six) credits. Additionally, the students of this group have to present a seminar based on his/her research findings for which a total of 50 marks equivalent to 2 credits is allotted. The distribution of marks for this seminar presentation is as follows: 30 marks for the presentation of results and 20 marks for defense.

Assessment in Master of Science (MS) Program: The assessment of each student of General Group (MS program) is based on theory and practical courses and viva voce. The assessment of the students of Thesis Group (MS program) is based on theory courses, a thesis and viva voce. Assessment of each student for all theory and practical courses of MS program is based on the marks obtained in- (i) tutorial examination held during the course, (ii) class attendance and (iii) final examination held at the end of the course. For each theory courses, 10% marks is allotted for class attendance, 20% marks for tutorial examination/assignment and 70% marks for the year-end written examination. The students of both Groups have to participate in a viva-voce examination of 50 marks or 2 credits that is held after the written and practical examination. Tutorial examination on each course is conducted by the course teacher, whereas the final examination, including the moderation of the questions of each course submitted by two examiners, is conducted by the four members’ examination committee following JU examination ordinance. Each thesis is examined by two external examiners of two public universities.