Under Graduate

The BFA is a four-year, studio-based course in which students work alongside each other in collaboratively organised studios. It allows students to engage with the diversity of disciplines that shape contemporary art, including painting, Craft and Fashion Design And Graphic Design, performance and other experimental forms. Sculpture and Printmaking are also on the cards.
64% of the course is dedicated to studio practice and 30% to the history & theory of Art and 6% Viva. The two components of the course are closely integrated, and the historical and theoretical study of art is taught both in the lecture rooms and in the studios.
Students are initially encouraged to work across all media and then to develop their own focus and interests during the first year of the course. Work is regularly presented and discussed. Alongside the students’ individual studio work, workshops and projects designed to introduce a range of techniques and approaches are offered throughout the year. In addition, they attend taught practical classes in drawing and human anatomy as well as lectures, seminars and tutorials in art history, which is supported by relationship with Philosophy and Bangla literature. An unique aspect of the BFA is the teaching of human anatomy Drawing. Through looking at the structure, form and function of the human body, this part of the course explores issues of identity, biology, dynamics and mortality while helping students to see below the surface of things and to find a visual language to express that knowledge. Students are encouraged to experiment in their studio practice and, in the case of art history, through debate and essay writing. Examinations take place at the end of fourth year (finals); this year provides the longest expanse of time for unfettered experimentation, underpinned by rigorous studio-practice, deep theoretical reflection and close tutorial support