Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Title of the Program

The title of the program shall be Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

 Aims and Objectives of the BBA Program

This program is a combination of both theoretical and practical components. Student who have passed HSC of equivalent degree shall be able to accommodate themselves in the program. The objectives of the program are to (i) Provide knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts and principles;

(ii) Help relate these theories and principles to the contemporary organizational environment, and (iii) Develop integrated analytical/cognitive skills for dynamic decision making.

 Duration of the Program

Courses of study for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program shall extend over a period of four academic years and shall be divided into eight semesters. Each semester shall be of duration of sixteen weeks. The written semester-end final examination of the courses be offered in a semester, and viva shall be held at the end of each semester. Internship/Reser5ch Project semester shall be decided by the concerned department.

The Number of Courses and Credit Hours of the Program

The number of courses and credit hours of the BBA program are as follows:

Total number of courses

Minimum 40 (However can be extended until the maximum total credit hour is reached)

Total number of courses per semester

Shall be decided by the concerned Department

Credit per course

03 (Three)

Total credit for the program

Minimum 130 to Maximum 140

Internship Report/Research Project

03 credit hours


01 credit at the end of each semester

Medium of Instruction of the Program

Language and medium of instruction of the BBA program shall only be English.