Masters in Applied Statistics and Data Science under Weekend Program (WP-MASDS)

The Masters of Applied Statistics and Data Science  under Weekend Program (WP-MASDS) program fosters at specializing and training in statistical methodology in its theoretical, practical/applied, and in scientific research aspects of modern age, particularly with computer intensiveness.


The courses offered by the department are of compulsory and optional nature. The total credits of courses is 36, totaling 1200 marks, 21 credits of which being compulsory courses and remaining 15 credits being optional courses. Students have the option to choose any available optional courses offered by the department.


The examinations to evaluate students’ performance shall be held at the end of the academic year. The class attendance carries 10% of the total marks in all courses (theoretical and practical). For the purposes assessment, 100 marks will be assigned to each 3-credit hours course. There will be marks for class presence 10%, class performance 10% assignments, Quiz and class tests 20%, short Report/Presentation 10%, Midterm 20% and semester final examination 30%. The course teacher will be responsible to evaluate the students taken his/her course. The Coordination Committee will set and appoint the examiners to evaluate the research projects. The supervisor will be the first examiner and the second examiner should be another faculty member of this program. For the purpose of assessment, 100 marks will be assigned to the project work of 3 credit hours. The first and second examiner will evaluate the report out of 40 marks each. At the time of the defense, faculty member nominated by the Coordination Committee of the program will assess the student out of 20 marks. And finally all the marks will be summarized as total number.



Detailed Syllabus

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