Bangladesh International Geographical Conference - 2017
Nov 08, 2017

Bangladesh National Geographical Association (BNGA) was found in a meeting in Shilpokala Building, Dhaka on 23 July in 1972 to spread the geographical knowledge and to enhance the professional status of geographers. In the same year the constitution of the association has been written where the aim of the association, membership, voting system, executive association, duties of member have been mentioned. This association began with only 33 executive members. At present lifetime member is 364.

Bangladesh National Geographical Association continuously work for fulfilling its aim and objectives, mainly to help the fellow Geographers to develop geographic knowledge and build up relationship among the geographers and publishing Bengali and English journals from the research of national and international geographers. The first and second anniversary conference of this association was held at Jahangirnagar University where except the prominent geographers of the Indian sub-continent, 18 specialist geographers from all over the world attended of this conference. In this conference had a broad discussion on flood, green revolution and problems of teaching geography got prominence.

The second conference was held at Rajshahi University in 1976. After completing this conference, an expedition was conducted under the leadership of Prof. M. I. Chowdhury to investigate the environment of Nijhum Island at Hatia. The third conference was held at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 1981. The focal theme of the third conference was Environment and Development. The fourth conference was also held in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Then the fifth and sixth conferences were held at Rajshahi University and seventh and eight conferences were held at Jahangirnagar University. The 9th conference was held in Dhaka. The 10th conference was held at Bangladesh Rural Development Academy in Comilla with the focal theme on Land, Environment and Development. In 2005, the 11th conference of BNGA was held in Dhaka and the focal theme of this conference was Importance of Geographical Study and Knowledge for National Development. 12th Conference was held in Jahangirnagar University and the focal theme was Land Use and Environmental Change: Challenges Ahead. 13th Conference was held in Jahangirnagar University and the focal theme was Environment Degradation: Issues and Challenges in 17 April, 2010. The 14th conference was also held at Jahangirnagar University and the conference title was Geography and Environment: Challenges in 21st Century in 5th January, 2013.

Besides completing the second anniversary, a daylong seminar was arranged in Khulna on Coastal Environment and Development which held on 31st May, 1990. To keep pace with the sequence of development a daylong seminar was held on Land Planning and Development at Pangsa on 26 January, 2002. A local conference was held in Chittagong in 2004. The theme of this conference was Different steps of Geographical Study in Bangladesh.

On the occasion of International Environment day a daylong seminar on the Wetland of Bangladesh was arranged at Jagannath University in January, 2006.  The title of this seminar was “Filling wetland and threatened environment”.
With the cordial help of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology 7th January 2008, Monday, a daylong seminar on ‘Sylhet Region Hoar: Environment, Landscape, and Bio-diversity’ was arranged. 1-2 June, 2008 Monday in Jahangirnagar University seminar room, a two days national seminar on ‘Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation,’ was jointly arranged by BARCIK and BNGA. A daylong seminar on Urban Sanitation: Issues and Challenges was held in 27th August 2016, at Pabna University of Science and Technology, with the help of Bangladesh National Geographical Association (BNGA).

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