HEQEP Resesrch Projects CP2329

Department of Archaeology

Sub-project Title: Improving Research Capabilities in Field Archaeology, Museum Studies & Cultural Heritage Management at Department of Archaeology

The  aims of the project are to improve research capabilities in field archaeology, museum studies & cultural heritage management to enhance innovative & multidisciplinary approaches in academic programs and research opportunities at Department of Archaeology, Jahangirnagar University which will also enhance overall archaeological research initiatives of Bangladesh. Archaeology is a multidisciplinary subject and three related domains of archaeology are Field Archaeology, Museum Studies & Cultural Heritage Management. Briefly, the goals and objectives of the project are to create a sound and interactive linkage among the mentioned domains to uphold the multidisciplinary research capabilities of Department of Archaeology and to propose innovative and critical propositions regarding field archaeology, Museum studies and cultural heritage management (CHM). CHM draws the bottom line of the project which guides the findings of the research (more specifically the findings observed through the research conducted by two other domains, field Archaeology & Museum studies) with the proposition on the strategic management of the heritage sites, buildings, and monuments.

Sub-project Management Team



(Management and Support Staff)

Position in the Department

Position in the Sub-project

Dr. Ashit Boran Paul



Sikder Md. Zulkernine

Assistant Professor

Alternate SPM

Rupali Akhtar

Assistant Professor

Associate 1

Nurul Kabir

Assistant Professor

Associate 3

Mizanur Rahman


Associate 4

 M Faqrul Hasan

Research Assistant

               Research Assistant

Istiaqua Ahmed

Office Secretary/Manager

Office Secretary/Manager

Nanda Gopal


Accountant cum Computer Operator

(Part time)


Monir Hossain

MLSS cum Peon