About Researches of the Department

Department of Statistics

The Jahangirnagar University Journal of Statistical Studies, yearly publication of the Department of Statistics, publishes articles based on the study and research in statistical theory in the widest sense of the term and its applications in various fields. It has already published 33 volumes.

The faculty members are working independently in different areas of statistics and have publications in reputed national and international journals.

It is mandatory for the final year students in B. Sc level to do project report for the partial fulfillment of their degree. Similarly, in MS level, some students work on their project report, while others top-ranked students work on their thesis. They conduct their researches under the direct supervision of the faculty members.

Several M.Phil and PhD degrees have been awarded and currently, some other students of M.Phil and PhD level are working diligently with their supervisors to produce excellent research works and thesis.