General Information About Journal of Statistical Studies

Department of Statistics and Data Science

General Information and Instruction to Authors 

The Jahangirnagar University Journal of Statistical Studies, a publication of the Department of Statistics and Data Science, publishes articles based on the study and research in statistical theory in the widest sense of the term and its applications in various fields. The contributors of this Journal are requested to follow the notes mentioned below:

·         An article for publication in this Journal should be of professional standard but intelligible to general readers. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Executive Editor in triplicate, computer composed and double spaced with adequate margin. This should include a short abstract and keywords and phrases.

·         The contribution must not appear elsewhere and the author(s) is(are) solely responsible for factual accuracy of the contribution, statement made and opinion expressed in the article.

·         No article will be published if it does not conform to the style specified for the Journal. This particularly applies to references of the paper.

·         If the paper is accepted for publication, the manuscript of the final version will be required, preferably in Word file, in a CD, DVD, mobile disk or in electronic form. 

Contact Address 

Dr. Rumana Rois

Executive Editor

Jahnagirnagar University Journal of Statistical Studies

Department of Statistics and Data Science, Jahangirnagar University

Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh

Telephone: PABX 88-02-7791045-51, Ext. 1433

Fax:            88-02-7791052

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