Dr Md  Ariful Hoque
Dr Md Ariful Hoque Associate Professor, Department of Marketing



Dr Md Ariful Hoque is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, Jahangirnagar University. He received his PhD degree from the School of Business, University of Otago, New Zealand. He also holds an MBA with the highest academic result and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with the Prime Minister Gold Medal Award. Arif received a number of scholarships and awards for his academic excellence including the University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship, University Grant Commission Merit Scholarship, Prime Minister Gold Medal Award, and Agrani Bank-Rajshahi University Gold Medal Awards.

In his academic career Arif served several universities – both public and private – and significantly contributed to the teaching and learning of the respective organisations. Arif’s teaching philosophy retains the students at the centre of each and every teaching and learning activity. His research interests are multidisciplinary and primarily centred on indigenous/marginal community-based tourism (CBT) businesses, NGO facilitation in community-centred tourism businesses, community empowerment through tourism businesses’ involvement, and social sustainability aspects of tourism micro-businesses in developing contexts. His doctoral research explored the contribution of NGOs in Indigenous poverty alleviation through the facilitation of CBT businesses in the context of Bangladesh with a philosophical stance on the Critical Theory paradigm. Arif strongly believes that research can contribute positively to the development of marginal communities and help identify possibilities for development interventions. This has been a strong motivation for his continued interest in community-based research. Alongside, his contemporary research interest revolves around tourism crisis management with a focus on the refugee crisis and the crisis recovery issues in the hospitality industry. Arif’s work has been published in top-tier journals, edited book, and conference proceedings. Currently he is working on several collaborative projects with researchers from different countries. Arif is also a member of the Asia Pacific Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (APacCHRIE).


Tourism micro-businesses and Social sustainability; Indigenous tourism; CBT; Community empowerment through tourism; NGO-Tourism nexus; Tourism-Poverty nexus; Critical theory; Destination marketing and management; Tourism crisis and recovery.


Dr Md Ariful Hoque

Associate Professor
Department of Marketing
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
Cell Phone: +880 1719474384
Email: arif.mkt@juniv.edu