Dr. Mohd. Shamsul Alam Retired
Dr. Mohd. Shamsul Alam Professor, Department of Geography & Environment






Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Environmental Remote sensing. 


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Forest inventory of the Sundarbans using remote sensing, 1994.
Development of Geography Curriculum from primary to graduate levels in Bangladesh: an analytical discourse on historical trend, 2008.


Course Code Course Title Semester/Year
505 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing MSGED
GeoE. 502 Research Methodology MSc
GeoE. 211 (Lab) Practical Geography: Fieldwork Techniques and Projects -II 2nd Year (BSc Hons)
GeoE. 202 Geomorphology -I 2nd Year (BSc Hons)
GeoE. 110 (Lab) Practical Geography: Topographic Surveying Techniques 1st Year (BSc Hons)
GeoE. 101 Introduction to Physical Geography and Environment 1st Year (BSc Hons)

Academic Info

Institute: University of Durham, UK
Period: 1995-1996

Post Doctoral Fellow

Institute: University of Durham, UK
Period: 1984 - 1987

Ph.D. in Remote Sensing

Institute: Institute: Department of Geography, Jahangirnagar University
Period: 1979

M.Sc. in Geography

Institute: Institute: Department of Geography, Jahangirnagar University
Period: 1978

B.Sc. (Hons)


Organization: CARE Bangladesh
Period: January 2004

Reflection of Institutional Preparedness on Community on Flood Disaster, financed by Network for Information, Response and Preparedness Activities on Disaster (NIRAPAD)

Organization: Japan Bank of International Cooperation
Position: Environmental Consultant
Period: 2005

Assign to prepare an Initial Environmental Assessment of the Chittagong City and the Surrounding Area under the project of Multi-sector Infrastructure Development in Chittagong.

Organization: Action Aid Bangladesh
Position: Co-researcher
Period: 2008-2009

National Adaptation Interventions to address climate change-induced flood hazard: A Strategic Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Financial support given by Action Aid Bangladesh.


Spacial Institution Visited/Attended and Courses Taken

·      20th International Short course on Environmental Management for Developing Countries- Sustainable Management, 7-28 September, 2000, Dresden University of Technology, Federal Republic of Germany; Sponsored by UNESCO/UNEP/BMU.

·        Visited 6 major Indian remote sensing institutes located in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Dheradun, Delhi,  and Calcutta from 6-30 October, 1992 sponsored by UNDP.

·        Workshop on application of remote sensing to flood plain mapping and flood monitoring, sponsored by ESCAP and SPARRSO, Dhaka, Dec. 11-15, 1989;

·        Workshop on river flow modelling and forecasting ; sponsored by Bangladesh Univ. of Engineering and Technology and BWDB, Dec. 4 - 7,  1989;

·        Workshop on remote sensing techniques with applications to agriculture, water and weather resources; International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy, 27 Feb.- 21 March, 1989;

·        Workshop on satellite oceanography, sponsored by NASA,USA and SPARRSO, Bangladesh, 12-29 June, 1988;

·        Workshop on technology assessment and technology diffusion, Bangladesh Univ. of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, April,1988;

·        Fortran Programming, MTS and the GIMMs graphics, Univ. of Durham computer centre, 1985-’86;

·        Post graduate training course, Department of Geography, University of Durham, 1984-’85;

·        Research design for geomorphology, Cumbria Lodge, UK, sponsored by the NERC and BGRG, UK, 1984




Dr. Mohd. Shamsul Alam

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