Dr Md Shahedur Rashid  (ড. মোঃ শাহেদুর রশিদ)
Dr Md Shahedur Rashid (ড. মোঃ শাহেদুর রশিদ) Professor, Department of Geography & Environment



Being selection grade professor (Grade 1, according to Bangladesh 8th National Pay scale adopted in 2015) in the Department of Geography and Environment of Jahangirnagar University, Dr. Md Shahedur Rashid, is a GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Remote Sensing specialist, having extensive teaching and field experience; and advanced computing and research skills. He is highly conversant in the use of most of the GIS and IAS (Image Analysis System) software and literature. In recognition of his bright career, he was awarded highly competitive ODA (now DfId) Award (1995-96) and Commonwealth Academic Staff Scholarship (1999- 2003) for accomplishing his master degree on GIS for Development and doctoral programme on GIS-RS at the University of Durham in the UK respectively. He completed his PhD on detecting land transformation at local and regional levels for environment, population census, planning and development of Bangladesh using GIS and Digital Image Processing approaches. Besides his teaching involvement, he was engaged with a wide range of research and training programmes over a decade initiated by JU, BBS, SPARRSO, Oxfam, DfID, GREEN Foundation, BANBEIS, ODA, NIRAPAD, Durham and Newcastle Universities, Disaster Forum, the British Council, InfoConsult, CARE-Bangladesh, BETS, BPATC, BARC (AEZ), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Planning Commission, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief and so on. He has already published more than 150 international and national research/GIS works in his field of expertise. In his academic career, he secured all through first divisions (SSC and HSC levels) and first classes in the BSc (honours) and MSc (thesis) examinations with outstanding performance and first places. Currently he is also General Secretary of the biggest University Teachers Housing Society in Bangladesh named Arunapalli and received government best housing complex award in the region in 2019 and 2020 under his leadership. He has also successfully served in:

  • Syndicate Member (Elected): Jahangirnagar University (2015-2018)
  • Senator (Elected): Jahangirnagar University (Since 2017)
  • Provost: Female Dormitory: Fazilatunnessa Hall at Jahangirnagar University (2015-2018).
  • Chairperson (Acting): Dept of Geography and Environment at Jahangirnagar University (2016-2018)
  • Administrator (Teacher-in-Charge): Transport office at Jahangirnagar University (2008-2012)
  • Director (Elected): Management Committee, Jahangirnagar University Cooperative Housing Society (2013-15). Arunapalli.
  • General Secretary (Elected): Jahangirnagar University Cooperative Housing Society (2016-21), Arunapalli
  • Executive Member (Elected): Jahangirnagar University Teachers Association (between 2015-2018 at times)
  • Vice President, Faculty Coordinator: Pro-Bangabandhu related Teachers Forums
  • House Tutors: Male Dormitories of Jahangirnagar University (Mir Mosharraf Hossen Hall 1993-1995, Mawlana Bhasani Hall 1996-1999), Shaheed Salam Barkat Hall (2003-2006).
  • Convener Provost Committee, Jahangirnagar University, 2015-16
  • Expert in Central Admission Test Technical Committee: presided by Honourable VC, 2009-2018.
  • Vice President/ Office Secretary/ Editor/ Executive Member, Bangladesh National Geographical Association (BNGA), Since 2008
  • Editor/Member: Bhugol Patrika (Geographical Journal of Jahangirnagar University), since 1996 at times
  • Convenor, Central Sports Committee at Jahangirnagar University, 2016-17
  • Additional Director, Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Jahangirnagar University (2014-18)
  • Member, Coordination Committee, MSc In GIS for Environment and Development (MSGED), Department of Geography and Environment at Jahangirnagar University (2016-2018).
  • Coordinator, GIS Certificate Course, Jahangirnagar University, Since 1996 (at times)
  • Supervisions/Guidance: Master Plans of Jahangirnagar University, Arunapalli, BRAC Tea Estate (Largest Tea Garden in Bangladesh) etc (since 2004 at different stages during their planning and implementations).

He visited Japan, China*, Indonesia, Great Britain*, Austria, Netherlands, Thailand*, India*, Nepal* and Bhutan (also USA Visa secured for 5 years).  *Countries visited several times






Geography, Population, Environment, Development, Planning, GIS, RS, GNSS etc.






1) Nilufa Akhtar, Irtifa alam Nabila, Nawrid Israd, Md Shahedur Rashid, Pixel-Based Change Detection of Sandwip Island of Bangladesh using Remote Sensing and GIS Approaches, Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR), 5, 2, 2019.
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12) Tanjinul Hoque Mollah , Jannatul Ferdaush, Sharmin Shishir, Xiao Kun, Md Shahedur Rashid, Study of Archaeological Sites with Imagery: A Case on Narsingdi Region, Bangladesh, Universal Journal of Geoscience, 4, 2, 2016. doi: 10.13189/ujg.2016.040203
13) Rejaun Nabi, Ismail Hossain, Md. Shahedur Rashid, Historical Bankline Shifting Since 1760s: A GIS and Remote Sensing Based Case Study of Meghna River Plate of Rennell's Atlas, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 6, 12, 2016.
14) Nusrat Jahan Ety, Md. Shahedur Rashid, Changing Pattern of the Downstream of Ganges River Course: A Comparison with Rennell’s Map of 1760s, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 7, 4, 2017.
15) Rejaun Nabi, Ismail Hossain, Md. Shahedur Rashid, Application of Google Earth Image Information for Identify Physical and Cultural Features of Northeastern Boundary of Bangladesh Aligned with Meghalaya, Eastern Assam and Tripura, International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 5, 7, 2018. doi: 10.29121/ijetmr.v5.i7.2018.264
16) KamrunNahar Khan Mukti, Md. Imrul Hasan, Dr. Shahedur Rashid, Sayeda Ummeh Masrura, Integrating GPS and GIS Data with Distribution of Arsenic Contamination and Socio-economic Aspect of Arsenic: A Study of Mugrapara Union, Narayanganj, Bangladesh, Journal of Water Resource Research and Development, 1, 1, 2018.
17) Nusrat Jahan Ety, Md. Shahedur Rashid, Spatiotemporal variability of erosion and accretion in Ganges River using GIS and RS: a comparative study overlapping Rennell’s map of 1760s, Environment Development and Sustainability, 22, 5, 2020. doi: 10.1007/s10668-019-00317-4
18) Nusrat Jahan Ety, Md. Shahedur Rashid, Analysis of historical dataset based on Rennell’s map on Ganges River basin, Journal of Coastal Conservation, 24, 51, 2020. doi: 10.1007/s11852-020-00767-3

National Publications









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Other Prestigious Publications





Small Area GIS Atlas of Bangladesh, Mauzas and Mahallas, 64 Districts (64 Volumes): SID of BBS, Ministry of Planning and UNFPA.2016-17.

BARISAL DIVISION: Barishal, Bhola, Pirojpur, Jhalakhati, Patuakhali, Barguna    CHATTOGRAM DIVISION: Chattogram, Cox’s  Bazar, Bandarban, Khagrachhari, Rangamati, Noakhali, Feni, Lakshmipur, Cumilla, Chandpur, Brahmmanbaria DHAKA DIVISION: Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gazipur, Madaripur, Manikganj, Narsingdi,         Faridpur, Munshiganj,  Gopalganj, Rajbari, Shariatpur, Tangail, Kishoreganj                                   KHULNA DIVISION: Khulna, Bagerhat, Satkhira, Jashore, Jhenaidah, Chuadanga, Magura, Narail, Kushtia, Meherpur           
MYMENSINGH DIVISION: Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Netrakona, Sherpur
RAJSHAHI DIVISION: Rajshahi , Natore, Naogaon,  Chapai Nawabganj, Pabna, Sirajganj, Bogura, Joypurhat
RANGPUR DIVISION: Rangpur, Gaibandha, Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Panchagarh
SYLHET DIVISION: Sylhet, Habiganj, Maulvibazar, Sunamganj


Disaster Prone Area Atlases of Bangladesh: Eight Coastal Districts (Eight Volumes), SID of BBS, Ministry of Planning and UNFPA.2018-20.

Noakhali Disaster Prone Area Atlas, Lakshmipur Disaster Prone Area Atlas, Jhalokati Disaster Prone Area Atlas, Patuakhali Disaster Prone Area Atlas, Bhola Disaster Prone Area Atlas,
Barguna Disaster Prone Area Atlas,
Feni Disaster Prone Area Atlas,
Chandpur Disaster Prone Area Atlas


Social Sciences: Geography Part (Text Books for Classes Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten)

Approved by NCTP, Class V1, Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX, Class X, Class X1, Class XII, Punjeree Plublications Ltd (National Scout Bhoban) in 2005-2006.


Geography (Text Books for Classes XI: 1st Paper and XII: 2nd Paper) for HSC

Approved by NCTP, Co-Author: Dr Md Moniruzzaman. (National Scout Bhoban) in 2011 and 2012. Published by Metropolish Publications.


Training Manual for Mapping and Its Applications

The book published as a draft final. January 1998, Dhaka: OXFAM Bangladesh (Co-authors: M.S. Alam, M.A. Samad).


Bhugol Patrika (Volume 24/2005)

Published this Journal as the Editor, Department of Geography and Environment, Published by Jahangirnagar University.





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151) M.S. Rashid, M.S. Alam, N.M. Donoghue, Mapping shoreline changes in Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh) using GIS and aerial photographs, Annual Conference of the British Remote Sensing Society, Durham, UK, 1996.


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Course Code Course Title Semester/Year
GeoE 405 Remote Sensing of Environment 4th Year (BSc Hons)
GeoE 421 (Lab) Practical Geography: GIS III 4th Year (BSc Hons)
GeoE 422 Dissertation and Field Report 4th Year (BSc Hons)
GeoE 506 (Lab) Research Colloquium and Field Report MSc
GeoE 520 Population and Environment MSc
GeoE 611 Principles of Geographical Information System MPhil/PhD Programs
MSGED 504 Fundamentals of GIS Professional MS

Academic Info

Institute: Durham University, England, UK
Period: 1999-2003

Ph.D. Degree: The title of doctoral research was ‘A Study of Land Transformation in Bangladesh, 1951-2001: An Integrated GIS Approach using Remote Sensing, Census, Map and Field Data.’


Institute: Durham University, England, UK
Period: 1995-96

M.A. in Geographic Information (GIS) for Development with 69.3% marks (secured first position according to merit)



Institute: Department of Geography, Jahangirnagar University
Period: 1989-90

M.Sc. in Geography with first class (3rd in the Combined Merit List)


Institute: Department of Geography, Jahangirnagar University
Period: 1986-89

B.Sc. (Hons) in Geography with first Class (1st Position in the Combined Merit List)



Institute: Dhaka Board
Period: 1984 and 1986

Secondary (1984) and Higher Secondary (1986) School Certificate Exams with First Divisions and distinction




Organization: Jahangirnagar University
Position: Professor
Period: Since July 2005
Organization: Jahangirnagar University
Position: Associate Professor
Period: July 2000 to July 2005
Organization: Jahangirnagar University
Position: Assistant Professor
Period: August 1996 to July 2000.
Organization: Jahangirnagar University
Position: Lecturer
Period: June 1993 to August 1996




Part-time Teaching / Adjunct Faculty:

  • Undergraduate: on GIS and Remote Sensing at 1, 2 and 3 Levels/Years (during 1999-2002); at Durham University (U.K):
  • Post-Graduate: M.Sc. Taught Programmes for the Geographical Information for Development and Spatial Information Technology (during 1999-2002) at Durham University (U.K):
  • Summer School: On remote sensing and GIS in the Dept of Geography (2001 and 2002) at Durham University (U.K):
  • Computer in Archaeology: Post Graduate Course; Dept of Archaeology; Jahangirnagar University (2004-05 Academic Session).
  • Practical GIS: Dept of Urban and Regional Planning, Jahangirnagar University (2004-05 Academic Session).
  • Dhaka, Jagannath, Daffodil, BUP, MIST, BUET Universities: Part-time teaching there since July 2006 on GIS and Remote Sensing depending on the opportunities and specific offers.
  • GIS and Methodology Courses in Public Administration, Faculty of Law, Environmental Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning Departments, Faculty of Business Administration at Jahangirnagar University (at times).

Professional Memberships:

  • Life Member: Bangladesh Geographical Society (BGS);
  • Life Member: Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS);
  • Life Member: BAPA, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Life Member: Bangladesh National Geographical Association;
  • Member: Bangladesh GIS Forum;
  • Member:  Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Society, U.K; and
  • Founder Member: GREEN Foundation, Bangladesh (GREEN stands for GIS and Remote Sensing for Earth Environment and Nature).
  • Founder Member: Dhan Bank Initiative, Monga-prone NW Region of Bangladesh, June 2006.
  • Focal Point: Bangladesh GIS Platform, BGISP, www.gis.gov.bd under Ministry of Planning 

Special Trainings and System Skills:

  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems/Science): ArcGIS, Arc/Info, Arcview Spatial-& Network-Analysts. 
  • IAS (Image Analysis Systems) Software: Erdas Imagine, PCI RS Software, T-Spectra, IdrisiW, PC GRID, PC TIN, ArcView GRID, Model Builder, Spatial, Network and Image Analysts, Atlas, Micro-Image in the Terra-Mar Environment.
  • Word Processing: All Commonly available DOS and Windows Software
  • Spread Sheet and Data Processing: All major DOS and Windows Software
  • Graphic/Chart Software: Major Graphical, Statistical and Chart Software.
  • GPS (Global Positing System): DNR Garmin, Field surveys using Germin, Magellan and Geo-Explorer Receiving Set and Data down Loading and Converting to mapable formats. 
  • Google Earth Professional: A popular and widely used GIS and Remote Sensing Software from Global to Local scales mapping.
  • Cloud Computing Program, IQAC, Jahangirnagar University.

Participated in Remarkable Internationally Funded Projects:

  • UNFPA: Small Area Atlas of Bangladesh and Disaster Prone Area Atlas of Bangladesh as the members of Editorial Board and Technical Committees, since 2014 to date.
  • Land-Water Interface Programme, Kalihati Tangail, Centre for Land Use and Water Resources Research, University of Newcastle, Funded By ODA. 1997.
  • Commonwealth UK: Shore Line Changes Study, University of Durham, Funded as a part of Prof M. S. Alam’s Commonwealth Fellowship Programme, 1996.
  • CARE-Bangladesh: Project on Baseline survey and reporting for Disaster Management in Shahjadpur and Bhuapur municipalities. The project focused on assessing disaster management related activities of the municipal authorities and state of household preparedness for coping disaster, 2003.
  • Oxfam (U.K.) Funded Training in Dhaka and Tangail of Bangladesh Workshops as a Trainer (1995, 1997, 1998).
  • NIRAPAD: Project on Community Preparedness In Cyclone Disaster For Network For Information, Response And Preparedness Activities On Disaster, 2004
  • NIRAPAD: Project on Reflection Of Institutional Preparedness On Community In Flood Disaster For Network For Information, Response And Preparedness Activities On Disaster, 2004
  • CARE-Bangladesh: Analytical Case Studies on Disaster Management Project Activities, 2004.
  • RDRS Bangladesh: Workshop on River induced erosion displaces, 27 – 28 December at Rangpur.  2003.
  • RDRS Bangladesh: Exercise Module for River Induced Displacees of Bangladesh, 2004.
  • RDRS Bangladesh: A GIS based Upazila Profile and Mapping for managing NGO activities, 2004.
  • ICOMOD and ODA: GIS Certificate Course: 4 week intensive training program for Govt and NGO officials at JU. Participated as a Course Coordinator and GIS Trainer, 1997.
  • BRAC University: Baseline dataset and map development on Karnafuli Tea Estate, Khagrachhari, Nov, Dec 2007.
  • DfID-CLP: GPS, GIS and Google Earth Integration; Char Livelihood Program in/around the Jamuna Region, Nov-Dec 2006.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affair: Coastal Livelihood Study, Dec-2007 to Jan-2007.
  • Salzburg University, Austria: Working as a coordinator between JU-SU postgraduate programs since June 2006.

Attended in Remarkable International/National Forums:

  • APSCO, China: China Space Curricula Development Standing Committee Meetings 2015-2017.
  • Japan APU Conference: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Conference, Japan. 2017
  • IIRS, ISRO Delhi, India: on mobilize university researchers of Hindu Kush Himalayan region for tackling water, climate change and adaptation challenges October 2017.
  • ICIMOD Nepal: SERVIR-HKH programme of ICIMOD is aiming to build capacity in using earth observation ad geospatial sciences in development decision making, July 2016.
  • AIT Thailand: IQAC Training Workshop funded by World Bank-UGC. March-April 2015 and 2014.
  • GIS Conference, University of Kent, University of Kent, Canterbury, U.K. April 1996
  • BGS (The British Geographical Society) Conference, January 1996, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • RSS (Remote Sensing Society) Conference, University of Durham, England. September 1996.
  • RSS (Remote Sensing Society) Conference, University of Leicester, England. September 2000.
  • RSS (UK) for the Post Graduate, Durham University, UK. 2002.
  • ‘Development Forum (U.K.)’ Meetings and Workshops, 2001-2002, Durham, UK.
  • Workshop on GIS and Health Organised by ICDDR’B and the British Council, July 1997.
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Programme of Vienna University, Austria, August 2002.  
  • Seminar on GIS and Medical Geography Organised by The British Council-Dhaka, Dec. 1996.
  • GIS Show, BAAS Conference, Organised by Jahangirnagar University December 1996.
  • Social Sciences Research Workshops at JU, June each year, 2003-2016.
  • BUET GIS Workshop for Water Resource Mapping and Planning, 2006.
  • LGED, DLRS, SOB: attended in various workshops between 1993-2007.
  • BPATC: Training workshops and Seminars at BPATC since 2003 (funded by DfID/GoB).


Teaching and Research Responsibilities at Jahangirnagar University:

  • GIS and Remote Sensing Courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels in the ‘Geography and Environment’ and ‘Urban and Regional Planning’ Departments;
  • GIS based Research work and Trainings Programmes;
  • Geography of Bangladesh (Physical, Human, Planning and Development Aspects);
  • Research Methodology, Cartographic Approaches and Field Survey;
  • Quantitative and Statistical Techniques in Geography;
  • Development, Environment and Socio-economic Studies; and
  • Supervisions of M.Sc., PhD and MPhil Theses and Undergraduate Field Reports and Dissertations.

Advisory Service Provided:

  • As a consultant/trainer of training programme on GIS Software Organised by UNDP/BARC under AEZ GIS Project, 1998.
  • As a trainer to NGO employees for Map Making. The project was supported by OXFAM, Dhaka 1993-1998.
  • As a GIS specialist/trainer to the GIS Certificate Course arranged by the Department of Geography, Jahangirnagar University, July 1997 with the help of ICIMOD (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development- GIS Part) and ODA (UK).
  • As a Co-team leader to the training programme on Disaster Mapping organized by Disaster Forum of Bangladesh 1998 (funded by OXFAM).
  • As the Project Team Leader of Several Projects, Funded by the Social Science Faculty of Jahangirnagar University at times during 1993-1999.
  • As a trainer on GPS (Global Positioning System) for the BCS officers at PATC (Public Administration Training Centre), Savar, Dhaka on 14 Jan 2004.
  • Projects offered by University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh on a regular basis since 2005.
  • As a trainer on GIS for BANBEIS officers under the UNDP and GOB joint venture programme, 1999.
  • As a GIS Consultant for InfoConsult, GREEN Foundation & BETS (EIA for Shell Company), 1996-99.
  • As a GIS Consultant, for the PATC under the British Council Grants, June 2005.
  • IQAC Activities as Specialist at BRAC, Rajshahi, Comilla, Jagannath, Stamford Universities since 2015.

Distinguished Member/Positions:

  • Selection Board Member at Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC), University Grants Commission (UGC), SPARRSO under Ministry of Defence, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) under Ministry of Planning as and when requested for since 2006.
  • Elected Syndicate member, Elected Senator for specific terms, Permanent member at Academic Council, Board of Advanced Studies in Jahangirnagar University.
  • Standing Committee Member at Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Bangladesh GIS Platform (BGISP).
  • Teacher’s Selection Board Member of Jahangirnagar University, Jagannath University, Rajshahi University, Comilla University, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Begum Rokeya University, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology since 2006 as and when required.
  • National Consultant of UNCLOS (i.e. Delineating Maritime Boundary in the Bay of Bengal/Historic Bay Component) under Foreign Ministry appointed by the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Relevant documents prepared and attended high level Diplomatic Meetings with India and Myanmar from 2007-2012.
  • Convener, Projection Parameters Committee, CEGIS and CDMP in coordination with Survey of Bangladesh (SoB), Sponsored by Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief in 2008-09
  • Board Member: Employee Selection under Honourable Treasurer of Jahangirnagar University, 2016-2018



Dr Md Shahedur Rashid (ড. মোঃ শাহেদুর রশিদ)

Department of Geography & Environment
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
Email: m.s.rashid@juniv.edu , m.s.rashid@gmail.com