Sabina Yeasmin
Sabina Yeasmin Lecturer, Department of Statistics and Data Science



Sabina Yeasmin was born in the town of Chandpur in 1994. Her insatiable curiosity and determination led her to excel in her academic pursuits.  She earned her BSc and MSc degrees in Statistics from the esteemed Jahangirnagar University in Bangladesh. She secured both the first and second positions in order of merit during her MS and BSc programs, respectively. 

Throughout her educational journey, Sabina demonstrated an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a remarkable ability to untravel intricate statistical patterns. As Sabina Yeasmin continues to embark on her professional journey, it’s evident that her passion and proficiency in statistics will undoubtedly lead her to further accomplishments and breakthroughs in the realm of data analysis and interpretation. 


Data Science, Statistical Modeling, Meta Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Econometrics, and Biostatistics

Academic Info

Institute: Jahangirnagar University
Period: 2017

MS (Statistics) 

Institute: Jahangirnagar University
Period: 2016

BSc (Honors)

Institute: Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College
Period: 2012


Institute: Naogaon High School
Period: 2010



Organization: Bangladesh Bank
Position: Assistant Director (Statistics)
Period: 14th December, 2020- 10th August, 2023
Organization: Daffodil International University
Position: Lecturer
Period: 15th September, 2019-30th April, 2020


Sabina Yeasmin

Department of Statistics and Data Science
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
Cell Phone: 01791630260
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