Monthly Research Talk: April 2021.
Apr 03, 2021

Date: 04.04.2021


All Faculty members, Students and Researchers                                                                                   

Department of Physics

Jahangirnagar University

Savar, Dhaka.


Re: Monthly Research Talk: April 2021.


Dear Sir/Madam and Students,

It is my pleasure to inform you all that we are celebrating the ‘Monthly Research Talk’ from the beginning of the year 2021 and it is always on ‘First Tuesday of Each Month from 10.30 am. During this talk/seminar time researchers of the Department or invited guests will provide us with insights into their research. Due to the imposed lockdown, the mode of the coming presentation session will be ONLINE ONLY. Respected presenters and the attendees will join online. The detailed schedule of presenters, the title of their talks and the schedule are given below. The Zoom link for the meeting: No password will be required to join the sessions.






Zoom Link


10:30 am


11:45 am

(BD Time)

Dr. Md. Kabir Uddin Sikder


Jahangirnagar University

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Electrically conducting diamond films grown on platinum foil for neural



Session ID: 65347135203

(No Password will be required)

11:45 am


01:00 pm

(BD Time)

Naafis Ahnaf Shahed

Graduate Student

Jahangirnagar University

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Structural, mechanical, electronic and optical properties of half-metallic XFeSi2O6 (X = Li, Na, K) clinopyroxenes: A first-principles investigation


You are cordially invited/requested to join the talk/seminars accordingly and make the sessions interactive.





Dr M. Arifur Rahman

Associate Professor

Department of Physics

(Seminar in charge)